Sunroom Designs to Compliment a Master Bedroom

Answered by Brett ~ May 5, 2010 ~ No Comments

Outside our Jacksonville master bedroom is a flat roof. We would like to make it a sunroom--it's a lovely space overlooking the pool. I'm not even sure where to look for sunroom designs. Are there sunroom designs that can be accomplished with our situation for about $30,000?

Christina G. ~ Jacksonville, Florida

Brett Kulina

Christina, there are many manufacturers who sell sunroom designs, and other companies that sell D.I.Y. sunroom kits which can cost as little as $10,000. If you are going to need help with this project, an online search could identify contractors who work in the Jacksonville area, and you might ask them to estimate the cost to assemble a sunroom kit for you. Another project cost to consider is the foundation that the sunroom will need to be built on. If there is no existing concrete slab under the flat roof, which is where you want the sunroom to be located, then you will need to hire someone to construct one.

If your new sunroom will be modestly sized, your hoped for project budget of $30,000 is probably reasonable. However, if you are envisioning a large sunroom with air conditioning and heat, the cost of the project will increase. You may find that the costs of a new sunroom are well worth it, as sunrooms can really add to the value of a home, and they often become the most enjoyed room in the house. Good luck with your project!

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