Sunroom Designs: French Doors vs. Sliding Doors

Answered by Jeffrey ~ May 3, 2010 ~ Comments

We are in the process of changing our windows in our sunroom. I have been examining several sunroom designs and I see both French doors and sliding windows. How much difference is the cost of sunroom designs that use sliding doors compared to French doors?

Michelle K. ~ Rockford, Illinois

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Michelle, There are french doors and sliding glass doors available for just about any budget. You can get economical varieties of each and you can also get very high end products in both lines. French doors might be slightly more expensive than comparable sliding doors, but not enough that it should create a problem with your remodeling costs.

There are a few items to keep in mind when choosing your french doors or sliding doors for your sunroom remodeling project. French doors and sliding doors are handed, depending on which side you want your operable panel to be on. Check with the manufacturer, as they don't all figure the handing the same way. If you aren't sure which hand you would want, or why it might make a difference, there are a couple of considerations to take a look at.

If your sunroom is on a crawl space or has a basement under it, you might have floor registers to take into consideration. It is best not to have a door located so that the operable panel is right at a floor register. If you use a floor mat at the door, the register may be covered, and if you don't use a mat there is a chance that dirt can accumulate in the duct work.

You may already have an exterior light and interior switch for it on the wall that you plan on adding the doors to, if so the operable panel should be adjacent to the light and switch for ease of use. You don't want to have to always walk to the other side of the door to turn the light off and on. Another consideration is furniture placement, you should have easy access to the side of the door with the operable panel.

Talk to company in Rockford, Illinois that sells doors, and ask them to show you literature on the french doors and sliding doors they have available. The big advantage of a sliding door is that when open, and the screen in place, the door does not intrude into your sunroom. The advantage of french doors is that when both panels are open you have a large opening to move items in and out of your home.

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