Sunroom Additions vs. Room Additions

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I've recently decided that I want to add on a sunroom to the back of our home. It's a big project but I'd like to take it on myself to save costs. My biggest concern is meeting city code requirements. Is the process different for a sunroom than for standard additions?

Rhonda T. ~ Tampa, Florida

Jeffrey Anderson

A Sunroom AdditionThe answer to this question will depend on your definition of what a sunroom is, and also what your local building department's definition of a sunroom is.

If you consider a sunroom to be simply an enclosed deck, which will only be used in the warm months, then your building department might only require a few inspections. However, if what you are considering is a four seasons sunroom, the project may be considered to be a regular room addition, and may need to meet electrical and other building code requirements for a room addition.

You will need to submit drawings for a building permit regardless of whether you are adding on a sunroom or a room addition. Talk to a building official at your local jurisdiction when you submit the drawings, and provide detailed information about your proposed addition. The building official should be able to tell you what types of permits and inspections you may need to complete the project.

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