Stick-on Tiles Good for Bathroom Floors?

Answered by Brett ~ August 30, 2010 ~ No Comments

My mom's bathroom has a plywood subfloor. She wants to put stick-on tiles with a grout on the plywood. Would this be OK for a bathroom floor? Will it be durable and non porous with water, humidity, etc?

Jacklyn ~ Chicago, Illinois

Brett Kulina

Jacklyn, most self-adhesive vinyl tiles can be installed in bathrooms and other "wet" locations, but make sure that you choose a brand of tile which is specifically rated for use in bathrooms. I have used Armstrong vinyl tiles before and found them to be durable and easy to install, plus the company states that they can be successfully used in any room in the house.

When installing vinyl tiles, it is crucial to make sure that the underlying subfloor is smooth, clean, and dust free. If the plywood in your mother's bathroom is in good shape, then you can probably apply the vinyl tiles directly to it. If not, I would recommend covering the plywood subfloor with new 1/4 inch plywood underlayment which is attached to the subfloor with construction adhesive and ring shank nails. There are also leveling compounds available which can be used, much like tile grout, to fill in the seams between the plywood sheets or other uneven areas. Remember, if there are any imperfections left on the surface of the subfloor, they may visible through the finished tiles.

Also, make sure that you roll the vinyl tiles smooth after sticking them to the floor, as many adhesives are pressure sensitive and need a fair amount of rolling in order to ensure good adherence. If you follow all of the installation instructions which come with the tiles you purchase, then you should be okay, and your mother should have a new, worry-free bathroom floor. Good luck with the project and thanks for the question!

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