Small Kitchen Addition Appliances

Answered by Jeffrey ~ June 22, 2010 ~ No Comments

I want to put in a small kitchen as a home addition this year. We have a separate room that we're making into an apartment and a galley kitchen will fit okay. The problem is we can't find mid-range appliances in Allentown that aren't too expensive. It's either a Rolls Royce or a cookplate. I'm looking at a built-in convection oven, dishwasher, and microwave. Have any suggestions?

Wes ~ Allentown, Pennsylvania

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Wes, You may have a tough time finding a small inexpensive convection oven, but I know smaller dishwashers and microwaves are available as I have used them for wet bar areas.

What I suggest doing is starting your search on the Internet. Look on the websites of all of the major appliance manufacturers and look in areas under convection ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers, but also under headings such as compact or wet bar. Once you locate appliances that you think should work for your needs, then it is just a matter of finding the right price.

I recently had to get a new washing machine. I wanted an Energy Star rated appliance as I am concerned about saving energy, and the tax credit sounded pretty good, too. However, I was also concerned about cost. Once I decided on which washing machine I wanted, I started looking for a good price. I discovered that one of the major home improvement stores was having a 20 percent off sale on the appliance manufacturer's stock that weekend, and they were offering free delivery as well. So I feel pretty good about the deal I got, and I'm so happy with the washing machine that I'm watching for the matching dryer to be on sale, too. This approach could work for your situation, too.

I recommend that you decide which appliances you want, and then find out when they will be on sale. I would use customer reviews to help in your decision also. One of the reasons I chose the washing machine I did was due to all of the glowing reviews it got from buyers. The best appliance isn't always the least expensive.

If you don't want to wait for the appliances to be on sale, or you don't think they will be any time soon, then I would approach a local appliance retail store there in Allentown, or somewhere close by in Pennsylvania, and see if they would agree to a package discount price. Tell them you need all the appliances for a small kitchen, I assume you also need a refrigerator, and you want a major discount.

I know there is quite a bit of room to bargain as I used to be able to buy appliances directly from a manufacturer with my company's discount, and I couldn't believe how much less expensive they were.

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