Slab Repair

Answered by Brendan ~ April 18, 2011 ~ No Comments

I live in Gilbert Arizona my problem is this: inside at the rear of the house where the slab butts against the stem wall the slab has raised about 3/4 to 1 inch up. this is the only area in the house that it has happened. What course of action can be taken to correct this problem?

Andy ~ Gilbert, Arizona

Brendan Fowler

Once a slab has moved there is nothing you can do to reposition it. You can, however, grind it flat or use leveling compound to float the rest of the slab up to match this new height. Floating can lead to other issues, like doors needing to be cut down and baseboards having to be moved up. Both options are a lot of work. What you may be seeing is the footing settling and the slab staying in its original position. Either way, you will have to pull up all of the flooring and inspect the slab and the footing. If the slab is flat and level and the footing has settled, then grinding and/or floating will not help the floor. You will need to re-trim the room to reflect the new wall height, specifically the baseboards. If the slab has indeed heaved up, then you will need to grind and/or float the slab to fix the problem. Good Luck!

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