Size Guidelines for Kitchen Islands

Answered by Brett ~ April 3, 2010 ~ Comments

I would like to add a rectangular, custom-made island to my Las Vegas kitchen, primarily for food preparation. What are the recommended guidelines for height, width, and length?

Sue K. ~ Las Vegas, Nevada

Brett Kulina

Size guidelines for kitchen islands usually recommend a width of between 24 inches and 60 inches, with 42 inches wide considered ideal for accommodating under-counter cabinets one one side of the island and stools or chairs on the other side. A good length for kitchen islands is between 54 inches and 84 inches, but of course this depends on the size of your specific kitchen. Just make sure that there is at least 36"" of clearance around all sides of the island to allow two people to work in the kitchen without constantly bumping into each other.

I always recommend a standard height of 36 inches for kitchen islands as this is the most comfortable height to prep food at for the average person. If you are going to set chairs at the island consider a lower height of 30 inches, while 42 inches will work best if you are going to use a traditional height bar stool.

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