Questions About Siding

Siding or Housepaint?

One thing about having shingles in the Northwest is that you have to get out the bleach a lot to knock down mold. We paint every other summer, but now it seems a lot of boards and shingles are damaged. I've heard there are also mold problems and warping with siding. Which is more cost-effective?

Should we buy a house that has asbestos siding?

We have fallen in love with an old turn of the century home in Bloomington. Unfortunately, the home inspection revealed that there is asbestos siding on the house. We're a young couple and hope to have children someday, but don't want our children to be living in a house with toxic siding. Should this siding be removed? And is this kind of work too expensive? Or should we give up on the house and look for one that doesn't have asbestos siding?

How to prepare old vinyl siding with mold for painting?

We have very old vinyl siding on our house in Sharon, Pennsylvania. It also has some mold, mildew and dirt on it. How can we prepare the siding for painting?

What Are My Green Home Siding Options

It's time to replace my home siding and I'm thinking green remodeling. What earth-friendly siding options will stand up to the snowy Pennsylvania winters?

How to Repair Cracks and Dents in Siding

A tornado ripped through our Springfield, Missouri neighborhood last year. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but our home suffered some siding damage. Most of the problem stems from debris hitting the siding, which led to cracks and in a few cases, a serious dent. Can I repair the cracks and dents in my siding, or do I have to replace each damaged piece?

Green Remodeling Options for Siding

I want to recycle my aluminum siding and choose a greener option. What are my best bets for a Kansas City climate?

How to Tell if Painting or Siding is Best

I live in a hot, dry climate, and my home's exterior paint fades and flakes. Would painting with a different kind of paint help, or would vinyl siding be a better solution?

How do you pick between all the different siding companies?

How do you pick between all the different siding companies? How do you base your decision on what product to use?

What type of saw blades do you recommend for cutting cement/fiber board lap siding?

I need to repair some damaged lap siding, and it appears to be a cement or fiber board material. Also what type of nails are good for this stuff, it is very hard.

Best Vinyl Siding for Extreme Weather

I live in Grand Junction, Colorado so my house faces extreme weather all year. I need to replace the siding soon but I'm not sure about my options. Is there a specific kind of vinyl siding that can handle both very cold weather and very hot weather without problems?

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