Questions About Siding

What is the Average Cost of Installing Board and Batten Vertical Siding?

What is the average cost of installing board and batten vertical siding? Should the cost for this type of product installation be similar to that of installing a standard horizontal siding job?

What is the best way to repair damaged house siding?

I bought a house that has some siding damage. The bottom course of lap siding was touching the dirt for a while and needs to be replaced. Any advice for how to repair the lower siding without residing the whole house?

Painting Vinyl Siding, or Not

I don't like the vinyl siding color on the four-year old house we bought recently. I suggested painting it. My husband says vinyl shouldn't be painted, but he'd agree to buy new vinyl trim for the eaves and windows for a different look. Is that really the best or only option? I don't want to ruin the siding.

How much will it cost to paint fiber cement siding?

We bought a fixer-upper one story, 2,200-square-foot house here in Yakima, Wash. It needs exterior painting. Does fiber cement siding absorb a lot of paint? It looks porous. The trim has crackled paint. Painting access is easy. Roughly what should good paint and labor cost if we hire a contractor?

Painting Versus Mixed-in Color for Stucco

I'm replacing my old siding with stucco on a house I bought for my retirement. Assuming I live here 15 years or more, is it cost-effective to have the color mixed into the stucco versus painting every five years? Does the integrated color prevent cracks?

Is Tar Paper or Housewrap needed under new siding?

I am going to install some new wood siding on our garage. Do I need to put tar paper, or some other house wrap, underneath the siding? I have heard that some builders don't use anything. What's best? Thanks.

Which should be replaced first - windows or siding?

I live in a condo that was constructed in 1980. All buildings are 2 stories with 8 units per building. Each unit has its own entry. So the buildings are similar to a town home but smaller like a condo. My unit in May had some siding removed and there was a lot of water damage underneath. Only one unit had water damage inside the condo due to the siding leaking. The condo board has decided to replace the siding. However, they would also like to replace the windows at the same time. The home association does not have enough money saved so they will have to raise the monthly rates significantly. My opinion is we need new siding since we have had problems with the original siding. The windows haven't caused any water damage so we don't need them. I understand it would be easier to replace both at the same time. But the amount they want to increase our fees is too high to do both. Without seeing our buildings, is it okay to replace siding first then replace windows at a later time like 5 years from now?

Nice vinyl siding or Hardie board siding, which is better?

I am looking to put new siding on. I live in the mid-west and need something good for adverse conditions and so on. I know that vinyl has certain advantages, like no painting and durability. I am also looking at Hardie plank - which does require painting. Is what better than the other in my climate? What about the cost of vinyl versus hardie?

Is October too late to get my house sided?

I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It's October, and the weather is starting to turn for the worst. Is it too late to install new siding. If it's not too late, what should I be aware of in starting a siding project.

Painting Over Stained Exterior Wood

The Norwich, Rhode Island, home we recently purchased has stained cedar siding which has weathered unevenly. We'd like to paint the exterior a similar color to the stain so it will look more uniform. Can this be done successfully?

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