Questions About Siding

Does a lifetime warranty cover products no longer being made?

I have Rollex vinyl D4 sandstone siding with a lifetime warranty. A landscaper made several tears in it. They no longer make this product but are still in business. Do they still have a supply to cover the warranty?


What is the best stain for cedar siding?

I am putting up some cedar siding on a garage and want to finish it with some stain. What is the best type of stain to use on raw wood? Should I put the stain on before I nail up the boards or after?

How do I install wood board and batten siding on my barn?

I'm putting up some wood board and batten siding on a small barn, hoping to let the raw wood turn grey over time to look old. There is a lot of conflicting advice online about how to nail/install the boards, plus what species of wood to use if I want it to weather to a silver/gray finish. What's your advice?

-Gregg J.

Is my fiber cement installed correctly?

I had some fiber cement board put on a sloped gable above my garage. The contractor left about an inch of flashing exposed to the side of the trim board. He said it provided better drainage than if the trim board was on top of the shingles. Won't water flow under the shingles where the gap is??

Dave -- Indianapolis, IN

Can you use brad nails for HardiPanel in Central Florida?

Humidity and temperature do not change to much in central Florida and I wanted to know if I could use a brad nailer for the cement fiber 4' x 8' panels.

Joseph - FL

What kind of contractor remodels the home's exterior?

I'm looking for a contractor to give my house a facelift. New siding or some sort of way to waterproof the exterior. New paint and redo the roof.

Kevin - Daly City, Calif.

What's the best way to repair a small hole in vinyl siding?

A hole was punched in my vinyl siding from a cut off ground wire. I have light grey siding, and the corner section was hit by a piece of copper ground flying off from my lawnmower, what is a good product to patch the hole with that will last?

How long does it take to install a new exterior door?

I would like to have a new exterior door installed in my bedroom. Because my house is sided with brick, do you think it would be best to install the new door in one of the existing window openings? How many hours would it take a contractor to do this sort of job? Thanks!

What should I use to seal around my home's windows?

The vinyl siding on my house was not properly installed (no insulating board, no house wrap, no caulking). I can now see exposed plywood sheathing in a large gap between the edge of the siding panel and the edge of the vinyl window. How can I seal this gap around the windows so that it is water proof, but still allows for the expansion/contraction of the vinyl siding panel?? Thanks in advance.

Plywood Vs OSB sheathing

Should I use plywood or OSB board for residential exterior sheathing. Also what thickness sheet should I use if the wall studs are 24" apart and the floor joists are 16" apart.Thank you.

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