Should we fix an old kitchen's sagging floors?

Answered by Brendan ~ March 29, 2010 ~ Comments

We have an 18th century Pennsylvania house with a uneven flooring in the kitchen. In some places it even sags. While we feel this adds to the charm and character to our home I am worried that the structure of the house is compromised. Should we be worried? Should we get this repaired and what would it take?

Frank M. ~ Altoona, Pennsylvania

Brendan Fowler

I think that a sagging kitchen floor merits some worry, but a sagging floor does not mean that your house is no longer structurally sound. Without going under your home and looking at your floor, I can only try to provide you with some guidance. To determine the structural integrity of the floor, I would call a building contractor and have them look at what is supporting your floor.

If it can be determined that there is nothing wrong with the floor structurally and you like the rustic charm of the floor the way it is, do nothing. If the floor is sagging due to a failing floor structure, I would suggest fortifying the existing floor structure. During the fortification process the sag can be removed, if you want it gone. Good Luck!

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