Should I request waterproof sheetrock or wonderboard?

Answered by Brendan ~ October 12, 2010 ~ No Comments

We are buying a house in Knightdale NC. My question pertains to waterproof sheetrock or wonderboard. We are having the house built and I have noticed during the drywall inspection that standard white sheetrock is beige used in the bathrooms. Should I request/demand waterproof sheetrock or wonderboard?

Jame L. ~ Raleigh, North Carolina

Brendan Fowler

I am not sure what the specific codes are on sheetrock requirements in bathrooms in North Carolina, I am only licensed and do all of my building in California, however it is generally not necessary to have moisture resistant sheetrock installed throughout an entire bathroom. It is however, at least in California, a requirement that moisture resistant sheetrock be installed in the shower and bath areas. Wonder Board is a cementious, moisture resistant product, but is probably not necessary. Generally it used on walls that are going to be tiled over. To be sure, meet with the contractor and find out what areas are going to be exposed to water and find out what material is being used in these areas. If regular sheetrock is going to be covered in these areas with a wall float or backer board I would still recommend that moisture resistant sheetrock be used.

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