Should I Install a Green Remodeling Composting Toilet?

Answered by Jeffrey ~ March 3, 2010 ~ Comments

I want to take my green remodeling project to the next level with a composting toilet. How much should I worry about it with the hot Texas Summers?

Don D. ~ Austin, Texas

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Don, I have not had any first hand experience with composting toilets, but I have read quite a few articles about them, and I believe we will be seeing them installed in homes on a regular basis in the future. From everything I have read, odor should not be an issue even in the heat of a Texas summer.

If the composting toilet is installed correctly, there is supposedly less odor than a conventional toilet. The composting toilets which did produce an odor after installation, were rectified with a simple adjustment.

I would talk to a plumbing contractor near your location in Texas. My understanding is that they are not approved for use in all local jurisdictions yet. Whenever a new innovation comes along, building inspectors want to learn more about the product before they start approving their use, and they are usually pretty busy, so sometimes it can take awhile in various localities. Your local Texas plumbing contractors should be aware of what their status is in your area. They sound like a very good product to me.

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