Setting Up a Temporary Kitchen

Answered by Jeffrey ~ May 17, 2010 ~ Comments

The contractors started work on our kitchen remodeling this week. I put a microwave and hot plate in the basement and we've been trying to cook in there. It's a nightmare. We use the bathroom and laundry sinks for dishes. Do you know a better way to set up an alternative kitchen for a few weeks?

Linda M. ~ Everett, Washington

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Linda, the kitchen is one of the toughest rooms in a home to remodel, it can be just as difficult for the homeowners as it is for the contractors. Every other room in the house usually has another room which can be used in its place for a few weeks, even if one of the full bathrooms is being remodeled there is normally another bath that can be used for a while.

You are already doing more than I have seen most homeowners do while their kitchen is being remodeled. Many of the homeowners I have worked with have stayed with friends or relatives while I was working on their kitchen, or they ate out a lot during those couple of weeks. It sounds like you have done a good job of setting up your temporary kitchen, if someone would let you borrow a small refrigerator and a toaster oven you would definitely have a complete temporary setup.

Unfortunately it is very difficult to remodel a kitchen in sections, and it doesn't turn out very well. It is a room where the contractor needs to go in and have at it, especially if it's a total remodel. The contractor may be able to hook up the kitchen sink and some of the appliances before everything is finished, but I usually don't like to install the appliances until the job is almost complete as there is less chance of them being damaged accidentally by workers.

This may be your big opportunity to try out all of those new restaurants in Everett, Washington that your friends have been telling you about. It may be difficult for a few weeks, but it should be worth it when you can use your new kitchen.

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