Separate Heating & Cooling for South Dakota Guest Rooms

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For the home we'll be building in Rapid City, South Dakota, we'll have a central heating & cooling. However, the guest wing has two bedrooms with a shared bathroom. We estimate we'll have a maximum of 20 to 25 days per year of guest use. Is there any savings over a 10-year period in having a separate heating & cooling unit for that wing?

Marcus A. ~ Rapid City, South Dakota

Brendan Fowler

I have dealt with this exact issue on projects of my own. I have solved the same problem 3 different ways. One way was to install individual wall mounted heat and AC units for the bedrooms, similar to the ones you might find in a hotel room, and a zone switch for the bathroom. The bathroom was connected to the central heat and AC but could be shut off with a switch. Another way was to add zones to the central heat and AC that could turn on and off different parts of the house with different thermostats. The third way was to add a completely separate and independent heating and AC system for that wing of the house. In ten years I believe that at least one of these will save you money. To fully understand what kind of savings you might realize, you will need to get some bids from local HVAC contractors and find out what the different solutions will cost. Good Luck!

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