How Should I Place Sand Under an Above Ground Pool?

Answered by Brett ~ June 24, 2011 ~ Comments

I am setting up an above ground pool and want to make sure I correctly prepare the area underneath the pool. How should I place sand and landscape fabric under the pool to ensure it has a stable base?

Nathan H. ~ Brea, California

Brett Kulina

Nathan, if you are going to use sand as the foundation for your swimming pool, then you should first build a sturdy crib enclosure to contain the sand, and then install some landscape fabric to help prevent grass and weeds from growing up around the pool. One way to accomplish this is to build the foundation crib out of pressure treated 6 X 6's, making the foundation pad slightly larger than the dimensions of the pool. You can use some long barn spikes or some small steel right angle brackets to fasten the corners of the timbers. After the wood timbers are secure, then lay down the weed fabric within the crib, using some lawn staples to keep the fabric flat. Put the sand on top of the weed fabric and then use a vibrating "wacker-packer" to compact the sand within the crib. You can rent a wacker-packer for about $75 per day from a local equipment rental store. Good luck with your project and enjoy your new pool!

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