Room Additions in Anchorage, Alaska

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We want to bump out exterior walls that face our northwest view to create a dining nook beyond the kitchen and a home office beyond a seldom-used walk-in closet. Both additions would be 8' x 8'. To maximize the view I'd like fixed-pane maximum insulated windows about 7'h x 6'w on all three walls of both room additions. How much extra in initial cost and heating bills would this cost over 4'h x 6'w windows?

Brandon A. ~ Anchorage, Alaska

Brendan Fowler

I think the best way to look at the theoretical additional cost of heating this new space would be to look at the percentage change in square footage in your home. If the addition represents a total increase of 10% on the square footage of your home, figure that you will be using 10% more energy to heat the space. If the addition has more window than wall, then you should figure a slightly higher percentage to heat. Other factors to take into consideration on this addition; can your existing HVAC unit handle the additional square footage? Your proposed addition would be 8'x8' with large windows in all the walls, this does not leave much shear value/lateral stability on the walls. I would recommend meeting with a structural engineer before you get to far into the planning process. Good Luck!

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