Room Addition Labor Hours

Answered by Brett ~ December 23, 2010 ~ Comments

I have recently completely gutted my home, and I'm adding a 30x24 addition and a 24x24 garage. I have hired the framing out. My question.....is there any reason this should take more than 80 hours of labor? The foundation is complete, all I'm asking is for it to be framed and under roof and fanfolled and windows put in?

Jay B. ~ Wichita, Kansas

Brett Kulina

Jay, while it seems reasonable that all of your project's framing could be completed in a couple of weeks, it is difficult for me to accurately estimate the total labor required because I don't have all of the specifics of the job. For example, framing a roof with conventional lumber usually takes much longer than a roof system that is made from pre-fabricated trusses. Likewise, if your home addition has lots of windows then it could take several days just to install and properly seal the windows with flashing tape.

One way for you to get comfortable with your framing contractor's labor estimate is to gather 3 more bids for the project. This way you will have a total of four work estimates from contractors who have looked at your construction plans and inspected your work site. When gathering additional bids, you should ask for work references in addition to a material and labor cost breakdown for the project. Once you have all of the bids in hand, you will then be able to better determine a realistic labor cost for your home addition.

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