Questions About Roofing

Is this home worth it?

I am looking at buying a cheap house that needs some major upgrades, including raising the ceiling. I would like to make it a cathedral ceiling. The roof looks like it is sagging and would need to be redone anyway. Is it worth buying a house under 100,000 if it needs these big remodels? Any ideas of what I could expect to pay? Thanks.


What's the correct spacing for my roof trusses?

I'm building a simple rectangular ranch style home - 40'x26'. When it comes to roof trusses, I was thinking of using 26' 4/12 residential trusses. I've been told that these trusses are meant for 2' spacing. Is this in compliance with the IBC 2006 or would they need to be spaced 16" on center? Or if neither, what are the spacing requirements according the IBC 2006?


What are my options for plastic panels in a sunroom?

I have a curved sunroom with plastic panels on top. I need to replace the panels and can't find them anywhere. I don't even know what the material is called. Could you please tell me what kind of plastic is used, and where I can get new panels?

-Cheryl J.

Any information you can give me on a new type of underlayment?

I've heard that there is a new type of underlayment that replaces the old black tar paper. From what I understand, it's some sort of a membrane and you heat the overlaps. Is that correct?


What will a roofer typically look at when inspecting a leak?

I have a flat roof with a leak. Additionally, some stucco on the roof that has cracks. One person is telling me the leak is caused by the cracks and another is saying it's caused by a flat scupper. Will a roofer take care of both problems to insure the roof stops leaking?


How do I dismantle an old brick chimney?

I want to get rid of the brick chimney on our house (we don't burn wood anymore and it is in bad shape and leaning). I can't get any big machinery near that side of the house without taking down a fence and running over some landscaping, so what's the best way for me to take this down by hand?

What can I do about a roof with no overhanging eaves?

I have an 60+ year old house that has no roof overhangs, so the siding is in really bad shape because water runs down the side of the wall. I think the house originally had gutters but not anymore. A new metal roof was put on about 10 years ago and the old gutters were never replaced. How can I extend the roof eaves so that they overhang 1-2 feet?

Sharon M. - Duluth, MN

How much does metal roofing installation cost?

How much would it cost for installation for metal roofing?

Frieda S. - Pueblo of Acoma, NM

What type of new metal roofing has an aged, rusty finish?

I saw a mountain cabin that had a (new) rusty metal roof on it. How do they make this happen? It looks good and I want to have a rusty roof on a greenhouse that I am going to build. What do you know about his type of metal roof? thank you.

Which roofing underlayment is best for a metal roof?

I am putting a new metal roof on my house, replacing old shingles. I have stripped off the shingles and the old tar paper from the plywood. Now what should I use under the metal?

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