Roofing for a Palm Bay, Florida, Hurricane-Prone Home

Answered by Brendan ~ January 28, 2011 ~ Comments

Is a properly installed metal roof more likely to protect my home from hurricane damage than other types of roofing? Our roof is a simple L-shape and currently has asphalt shingles. It seems as if the best roofing might end up being cost-effective if a hurricane hits.

Garret ~ Palm Bay, Florida

Brendan Fowler

Paying more for a roof does not mean you will realize better wind resistance. The best way to determine the wind resistance of any roofing material is to check with the manufacturer. Every roofing manufacturer should have the wind ratings of their roofing. However, even the best roofing if not installed properly, will fail in high winds. If you do some research on the most wind resistant roofing material available in Florida and make sure that it is installed properly, you should have the best roof available. Good luck!

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