Roof Replacement Warranties

Answered by Brendan ~ December 4, 2009 ~ Comments

I live in rural Oregon. Four roofing companies have come out and given us the once over on our shingle roof. Each recommended different shingles based on our pitch and 3-tab existing shingles. But none of the shingle companies offered warranties on algae damage. I heard we need this, since algae have damaged the roofs all around our neighborhood. Can you suggest a solution for a roof replacement that will last and is worth the effort?

Dave M. ~ Bend, Oregon

Brendan Fowler

Roof Replacement WarrantiesIf many of the homes in your neighborhood are facing similar problems with their roofs, I think it is a very good idea to consider a different type of material for your roof. You may want to consider cementitious roofing materials or metal. Both of these materials are unharmed by roof growth.

Algae, moss and other things may still grow on these types of roofs, however, they leave the roof surface unharmed and can be cleaned off. There are products that can inhibit growth on roof surfaces that are zinc and copper based, but if longevity is the most important aspect of this roofing decision, then I would stick with either metal or something cement based.

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