Roof Repair: DIY or Outsource?

Answered by Brendan ~ December 2, 2009 ~ No Comments

My roof is showing its age. Shingles are missing or crooked, and I've recently noticed a small leak that's collecting moisture in my attic space. Is roof repair a project I can do myself? Or should I hire a contractor that specializes in this particular area of home improvement?

Keith B. ~ St. Louis, Missouri

Brendan Fowler

Roof Repair: DIY or OutsourceOf course all projects on your home you can do yourself, but this is one project that can be much more involved that you might initially think.

Leaks may present themselves in one place but the water could be entering from an entirely different place on the roof. Leak identification can be very difficult, and in many cases a repair is performed in the wrong part of a roof.

Generally speaking, if a roof looks old, is missing shingles, and leaks; it has probably reached the end of its useful life. I think it would be a good time to consider re-roofing your home.

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