Rolled roofing: installing a cap sheet

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I'm putting a new roof on my house and have already installed some 30# roofing felt to the sheathing. What's the best way to install the cap sheet and what type of adhesive should I use?

Blake ~ Chandler, AZ

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Blake. I'm not sure I completely understand your question as a cap sheet is normally installed on a low-slope roof as part of a built-up roof system. If you are talking about a residential roof that has a pitch exceeding 4:12 and intend to install shingles, metal, or another traditional type of roof covering, then I assume you are referring to covering the ridges of the house. That would involve using the same 30# felt that was used for the rest of the roof underlayment with the same type of fasteners. You should have used the nails designed to attach felt that have the large plastic tabs at the heads.

If you plan on using ridge vents, this is a good opportunity to inspect the openings in the ridge for any obstructions that may impede good air flow.

However, if your roof installation is over a low-slope surface and you do plan on using a built-up roofing system, then the cap sheet is the surface cover that is normally applied with hot asphalt. However, before getting too far along you may want to talk to a roofing contractor around Chandler to discuss other options that might be easier to install and maintain.

Installing a built-up roof with hot asphalt can be a very messy job and I'm also not sure it would be the best roofing choice for a home that experiences Arizona's hot summers. There are a number of products specifically designed for low-slope roofs that do a great job of reflecting away the sun's heat. Some are so effective that they've earned the government's Energy Star rating. Using one of these should protect your home and also contribute to lower cooling costs during the summer. They are sometimes referred to as "white" rolled roofing.

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