Rock Wall Landscaping Makeover for Front Yard

Answered by Brendan ~ December 5, 2010 ~ No Comments

My lovely old bungalow home in Providence, Rhode Island, has a front porch with a stone wall and pillars. The front lawn is level for about 15' and then slopes steeply for another 5', making it difficult to mow. The yard is 70' wide and the slope is 3 feet high. Approximately what would it cost to redo the sloped landscaping with a big rounded rock retaining wall similar to the smaller rocks on the porch wall?

Harriet S. ~ Providence, Rhode Island

Brendan Fowler

Without seeing the exact kind of wall we are talking about, it is going to be difficult to say for sure what the wall would cost to build. Depending on the size of the rock and how you want the wall built, you can figure that a stonewall will start at roughly $35 per lineal foot. You will also need dirt to fill in behind the wall to level off your yard. I would contact some local masons and get pricing for a better price break down. My price per lineal foot reflects what I have seen in California and may not be representative of what you will find in Rhode Island, but I think it will get you in the ballpark nonetheless. Good Luck!

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