Replacing Vinyl Siding Over Old Siding

Answered by Jeffrey ~ December 5, 2009 ~ Comments

The siding on our home in Nashville has faded and the color is ugly now. I have considered replacing it and hear that you can install vinyl siding over existing siding. Is it true and what considerations are there before we bring someone in?

Abby L. ~ Nashville, Tennessee

Jeffrey Anderson

New Siding ReplacementThe answer is yes, vinyl siding can be installed over existing wood siding. There are a couple of considerations you need to keep in mind though. If any of your wood siding is rotted or decaying, it should be replaced before installing the vinyl siding. The new siding may hide the decay but the old wood may continue to decay where it won't be seen, and can lead to future problems.

If there are any areas where your wood siding is allowing water to get into your home, these should be corrected. Vinyl siding is a water deterrent, but it will not keep all water out, and if water does find its way past the vinyl, it may also continue to get past your wood siding.

Your siding contractor should install a house wrap material, or foam board over your existing siding prior to installing the new vinyl siding.

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