Replacing Chicago Kitchen Cabinet Drawers

Answered by Jeffrey ~ July 21, 2010 ~ No Comments

One of the four stacked cabinet drawers in the kitchen has either hopped the track or the track of the glide roller is busted. It won't pull all the way out no matter what I do. I've removed as many screws as I can from the track without any luck. I don't want to damage it further. Any suggestions?

Linda M. ~ Chicago, Illinois

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Linda, I know how aggravating non-functioning kitchen cabinet drawers can be. I have worked with hundreds of new kitchens and one of the last things I do before turning the house over to a homeowner is go through and adjust all the kitchen cabinets; both the doors and the cabinet drawers. I learned a long time ago that one of the keys to getting a drawer to work properly is patience.

Kitchen cabinet drawers have different slide and opening mechanisms depending on the cabinet manufacturer and the level of the kitchen cabinets. From the way you describe the problem it sounds like the drawer has simply gotten off track or a track is a little out of square, although it can be sometimes difficult to tell without seeing it. Try removing the drawer directly above or below the jammed drawer to see if you are able to get a better view of what is causing the problem.

If you are able to free up the jammed drawer, I would remove it and a second drawer to compare the two drawers and the two gliding mechanisms to see if there are any obvious differences. You might want to replace the screws you removed prior to doing this as something is probably pretty loose without them. Compare the gliding hardware that remains on the drawers after they are removed and also the glides or tracks that remain on the kitchen cabinets after the drawers are out.

The solution usually jumps out at you when you do a comparison between the drawer that was operating properly and the one that jammed when you were trying to operate it and it is usually a simple adjustment. If you are unable to free up the jammed drawer easily, I wouldn't force it as you might damage the drawer. The hardware for cabinet drawers is usually fairly inexpensive, but if you crack or break the drawer itself, you may have a difficult time purchasing a replacement that matches the rest of your kitchen cabinets and it could be expensive.

I am sure there are many distributors for kitchen cabinets and kitchen design centers around a city as large as Chicago, Illinois. If you are unable to free up the drawer easily, I would try to locate the name of the cabinet manufacturer on the cabinets and then call one of their distributors. Most large cabinet companies have customer service departments or on the road sales people, and they may be able to come by and free up the drawer and fix or replace any defective hardware. It may cost you a few dollars, but it would probably still be less expensive than a new drawer that may not match, and they may stop by for free.

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