Who Should I Contact to Replace Old Wood Around My Windows?

Answered by Brett ~ November 15, 2011 ~ No Comments

The wood around the outside of my windows is beginning to rot and I will need to have it replaced. Who should I contact to get an estimate for this kind of work?

Patricia J. ~ Streamwood, IL

Brett Kulina

Patricia, if the trim boards around your home's windows are rotting, then you can probably hire a local carpenter or general contractor to do the work for you. If it is the actual window frames that are deteriorating, then you may want to consult a window replacement specialist who works in the Streamwood area. If your old wood windows have reached the end of their life, then you may be better off purchasing new replacement windows. New windows can be more energy efficient, require less maintenance, and actually improve the comfort level inside your home.

Reliableremodeler.com can help you locate local contractors who specialize in window replacement. In order to gather accurate cost estimates, you will need to have a few contractors inspect your home's existing windows and discuss with you some replacement options. New windows can be a big investment, so you should explore all your available options before deciding on the ones that are right for your specific home.

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