I want to replace my sliding glass door with a French Door.

Answered by Brett ~ June 20, 2010 ~ Comments

The door is a standard slider. My problem is my current door has been modified to accomodate a doggie door. With a panel which slips into the track with a flap. Everyone I have talked to so far has been unable to solve this problem. Am I the only one out there with a pet? One quote I did get was $4,300 which involved hiring a handyman to put in a doggie door. I think that is outrageous. What do you think?

Linda S. ~ Bakersfield, California

Brett Kulina

Linda, if you want a doggie door installed into a set of new french doors, you will have to choose a door that is a half-light model. This means that the lower portion of the door is solid instead of glass, as opposed to a full-light door which is mostly glass except for the perimeter frame. The doggie door needs some material, other than glass, on which to attach too. A half-light door made of steel, fiberglass, or wood should be able to be retrofitted for a doggie door without too many problems, and hopefully for less than the $4,300 you were previously quoted.

If you want to replace your sliding glass door with full-light french doors, then you may have to install the doggie door into a wall of your home. This way the frame of the doggie door will have some solid material to attach to, and it would also allow you to enjoy the light and views which full-light french doors can offer. I would recommend hiring a contractor who works in the Bakersfield area to install the doggie door for you, as the installation will require cutting a hole in the wall of your house, which will need to be properly flashed and trimmed in order to be weather-tight. You will also want a contractor to help you choose a location for the doggie door which does not require relocating plumbing pipes or electrical lines which can be buried within the wall. Good luck with your project!

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