Repairing sunroom windows, a DIY project?

Answered by Jeffrey ~ November 1, 2010 ~ Comments

I have a 4 season sunroom with several of the glass windows with broken seals, can I undertake this repair myself? The sunroom company has ignored my request for a repair. I guess they don't want to deal with repairs only new projects, they once quoted me a price and it was more than the total cost of the entire room.

Stacie R. ~ Boston, Massachusetts

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Stacie, You don't mention how old your sunroom is and whether it's still under any sort of warranty, but if it is and you can't get any response to your phone inquiries to the company who installed it, I recommend sending them a certified letter warning them that unless they contact you there will be a complaint lodged with the Boston Better Business Bureau. If you don't get a response to the letter, you should go ahead and lodge your complaint. Many areas also have online forums that allow you to review local businesses; I think you should post a review of the company to warn other consumers.

Concerning you window sealing problem, I would doubt that the sunroom company manufacturers their own windows. They probably purchase them from a distributor in Boston or somewhere in the Massachusetts area and if you can find a manufacturer name on the windows somewhere, that would help a lot. Most modern sunroom windows are at least double paned and some are even triple paned and while they're great for energy efficiency they aren't very DIY repair friendly.

When you say that the window seals are broken I assume the problem is that moisture is getting between the panes of glass and the only permanent repair for that problem is replacing the seals, which is best done by a manufacturer, or replacing the problem glass sashes. The ideal situation would be if you can determine the make of the windows as many window companies offer long warranties and in some cases windows have a lifetime warranty for problems like seals failing. Boston is a big city and if you determine the window manufacturer, there should be a good chance that there are sales reps for the window company in your area who can come out to take a look at the problem and possibly remedy it for you at no expense.

If you can't determine the window manufacturer, then you may have to remove the problem sashes and take them to someone for a window repair. Many window companies have the ability to repair windows, but you might want to call around first and make sure the company is aware of what your problem is and can correct it. There may also be a lead time for ordering the glass they need for the repair so you might want to take them just one sash of each size you need repaired so they can get some measurements and get everything on order. Some window companies have the ability to make house calls and do the measuring without you needing to lug the sashes around Massachusetts. When the glass comes in you can take your sashes to their shop to save a little money or they can probably come to your home and do all the window repairs there. It shouldn't take long as they will just take the glass panels out of the sashes and put new panels in. Make sure they know to use the same type of glass as they're replacing.

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