Removing Tile Flooring in Dining Room

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The same ceramic tile that's in our kitchen extends into our dining room, which makes the dining room look too "kitcheny" to me. The kitchen and dining room are two steps down from the living room, which has beautiful hardwood floors. Must the tile flooring be removed to match the dining room flooring to the living room? The dining room is 10 x 12'. What's a rough cost for labor for removing tile and installing hardwood?

Morgan R. ~ Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Brett Kulina

Morgan, if you want to install some hardwood flooring in your home's dining area, then yes, you will have to remove the existing floor tile. In fact, it would be best if you removed the tile and any underlying cement board, which would allow you to install the new wood floors, and an approved vapor barrier, directly on top of your home's plywood sub-floor. There are several ways to remove floor tile, and in general the task is not that difficult, although it can get a bit messy. If you are removing a small amount of floor tile then you can use a hammer and a cold chisel to loosen the grout and pry up the tiles. For larger jobs, you may want to use a MUTT, which is a burly steel blade that is attached to long wooden shaft, to pry up the tiles, or you could use an hammer drill with a chisel attachment. If you don't have any of these types of tools, or just don't want to be bothered with the demolition project, then you could hire someone to do the work for you, expecting that it should about a day to both remove the tiles and clean up the debris.

Depending of the type of hardwood flooring you chose to replace the tile, you might expect to pay between $9-$12 a square foot for material and installation. If you want to match the new wood flooring with the existing hardwood in the living room floor, then you should consult an experienced flooring contractor who works in the Milwaukee area and can accurately match not only the wood species, but the wood grade and the finish as well. Good luck with your project and I hope you enjoy your new wood floors!

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