Removing Redundant Electrical Wiring

Answered by Brett ~ May 12, 2010 ~ Comments

I just moved into a house that has been wired and re-wired. I saw some of it on the walkthrough, but now I'm finding electric wires without caps and live ones that have never been terminated properly. Is there a system for going through all of it, or do I need to call in a real electrician?

Randy E. ~ Denver, Colorado

Brett Kulina

Randy, I usually encourage eager homeowners to dive right into home improvement projects, even if the tasks require a little on-the-job training. Yet when your home's electrical system needs inspecting or repairing, I always recommend hiring a licensed electrician. The risks are too great, and the potential consequences of even simple mistakes are just to costly. Hire a qualified electrician who works in the Denver area, and have him inspect the wiring in your new house as soon as possible.

An updated electrical system can add value to your home and offer you peace of mind. It is important to remember that an electrical system is only as safe as the weakest link in the system, therefor it is crucial to have every aspect of the system inspected, beginning at the service panel. Most older homes only have 100 amp service panels, which are often inadequate for the electrical loads that today's homes require. An electrician can inspect your home and make recommendations on what improvements your home's electrical system needs in order to be code compliant and safe.

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