Removing Mold Safely

Answered by Brendan ~ March 11, 2010 ~ Comments

I found mold all over the walls in our South Bend home. Is there a way to remove it without polluting the indoor air? We all have allergies.

Ron C. ~ South Bend, Indiana

Brendan Fowler

Removing mold without polluting indoor air requires that you seal off the area you intend to clean very well. Before you start cleaning be sure you have a respirator, long pants and shirt and rubber gloves to clean in. Lightly spray the moldy area with a little water to moisten the mold so that the spores are less prone to becoming air born during your cleaning process. Use a fungicide cleaner following all the manufacturers directions and warnings to remove the mold. Throw away all cleaning materials in heavy plastic bags, double bagged. Wash all clothing and anything else that may have come in contact with the mold. Be systematic and be very thorough.

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