Removing mildew on windows

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In some rooms of my house there is mildew on the windows. Do I need a dehumidifier? Also I have a little white mold on an attic beam what can I do to stop this?

Amanda ~ Indiana

Brendan Fowler

Mildew on windows can be the result of a couple of different issues. If your windows are developing condensation on the inside during cold weather this moisture can lead to the development of mildew on and around of your windows. Cleaning up the windows with a mild bleach solution will kill the mildew and clean them up as well. It is difficult to eliminate the condensation from forming on windows that are consistently "sweating"; however, a dehumidifier can reduce and in some cases eliminate the formation of condensation. If there is no condensation forming on your windows, but just enough moisture in the air, the cool environment near the windows may be just enough to allow mildew to grow. In this case the dehumidifier will most likely eliminate your mildew problem. If your windows are leaking, or the exterior trim around the window is leaking, this can also lead to the formation of mildew. The leak may not be obvious, or present itself on the inside of your home, however, the presence of moisture in your walls can lead to mildew growth on the inside of your home. The presence of white mold on a beam in your attic in most cases is an indication of a leak. In some cases it can be the result of a poorly ventilated attic space. The same conditions that create condensation on a cold window can also form condensation on the underside of your roof sheathing in your attic. In cold months this condensation can drip in one location creating a white mold growth which will ultimately lead to dry rot. A dehumidifier in the attic can also help remedy this situation. A better solution is to make sure that your attic is vented properly to allow warm moist air to vent out and be replaced with dry cool air. There are many ways to properly vent an attic space and consulting with a local roofer or general contractor to assess the venting situation on your roof may be very useful. Good Luck!

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