Removing Fence Posts in Jonesboro, Arkansas

Answered by Brendan ~ October 12, 2010 ~ Comments

When we built our house near Jonesboro, Arkansas, we quickly put up a 4' high welded wire fence just to keep animals out. Now we're exploring better fences, but I'm also wondering how to remove the metal posts that held up the wire. They're stuck in the ground pretty tightly.

Danny ~ Jonesboro, Arkansas

Brendan Fowler

I am going to assume that you have metal T-posts in the ground holding your wire fencing. There is a tool called a T-post jack, that is specifically designed to remove these posts from the ground. It is a very effective and easy to use tool. T-post jacks range in price from $25 - $50 and they are available from multiple vendors online. Good Luck!

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