Questions About How Much Does It Cost

How Much Should It Cost to Move and Upgrade my Electrical Box?

I need to move my electrical box and would like to have it recess into the wall. We were also considering upgrading our panel from 150 amps to 200 amps. How much should I expect to pay a contractor for this job?

How Much Would It Cost to Replace Sidelites on Front Door?

I would like to replace the sidelites in my front door. How much would it cost to replace sidelites on a home front door measuring 28"x76"?

What Are the Average Costs for Tiling a Bathroom?

I am planning to update a bathroom in my home with new flooring. I would like to install tile in my 6 by 5 foot bathroom. What are the average costs I should expect as I compare quotes from contractors?

How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a Bedroom?

I am planning on remodeling my master bedroom. How much should a project like this cost?

How Much Does Vinyl Flooring Installation Cost?

I am planning on adding vinyl flooring in my home. How much should I expect to pay per square foot?

How Much Will It Cost to Finish a Basement in Georgia?

What are some average costs I can expect to finish a 1,350 square foot basement in North Georgia?

How Can I Effectively Restore my Hardwood Floors on a Budget?

How can I restore my old hardwood floors without it costing so much? I had a contractor come in to do the wood floors with a buffer and the floors are now looking truly awful! This is my first home, and dealing with these floors without spending a fortune is turning into a nightmare!

What are Typical Prices for Torch Down Roofing?

I am having a new torch down roof installed, what should I look for and expect in pricing when I compare quotes for the job?

What is the Average Cost of Installing Board and Batten Vertical Siding?

What is the average cost of installing board and batten vertical siding? Should the cost for this type of product installation be similar to that of installing a standard horizontal siding job?

What Kind of Cost and Return on Investment Can I Expect When Installing French Doors?

I am planning a double French door replacement. What is the typical cost and return on investment of this kind of replacement?

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