Questions About How Much Does It Cost

Cost to install hardwood flooring

How much might it cost to install and finish approximately 400 sq.ft. of hardwood flooring? I have already purchased the actually flooring material, which is unfinished oak 2" wide boards. Thanks.

Tile floors vs. hardwood flooring

I am purchasing a home that was in foreclosure, so it needs alot of work and maintenance. I have removed some awful carpet from the main level and want to replace it with tile or hardwood floors. Which flooring is going to be easier for me to install, is there a big price difference between the two?

Installing a new front door

When my house was built, we opted for a standard-sized, solid panel front door. Now we would like to hire a contractor to install a new front door with sidelights. Our house is sided in brick, any idea how much this project might cost?

How Much Does a Wood Siding Replacement Cost?

I am considering replacing the wood siding on my home. How much should I expect to spend for new home siding and installation?

How Much Does a New Vinyl Siding Installation Cost?

I am planning on adding vinyl siding to a new home construction. How much will this cost? I will need to add siding to a 1,200 sq.ft. home.

What is the Cost of a Bulkhead Basement Remodeling Project?

I'm thinking about buying a three bedroom, one bathroom ranch home in Maine. The home also has a bulkhead basement. I would like to enter the basement from inside the house, as well as have a door that allows me to walk outside from the basement. Is is possible to remodel my basement in that way? What would be a ballpark cost of this basement remodel project?

How Much Does It Cost to Install New Windows?

I am considering purchasing a home that is now vacant and has a number of broken windows. The windows that I would need to replace are 1' x 7' vertical windows, as well as several standard size household windows and a sliding glass door. What should I expect to pay for a window installation of this type, and how should I choose a windows contractor?

How Much Will It Cost To Install Tile in My Basement?

I am considering a new flooring installation in my basement. How much should I expect to pay to install tile in a 2,500 sq. ft. basement?

How Much Does a New Porch Foundation Cost?

I am replacing my front porch, and need to build a new foundation. How much should a foundation cost for a 5x9 foot porch? The foundation must be 42'' below grade and needs footings for 2 architectural columns.

How Do I Choose the Best Home Insulation?

I am thinking of updating the wall insulation of my home. I started receiving quotes on the project. My question is if I take the price out of the equation, which insulation choice will be the best investment for my home?

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