Questions About How Much Does It Cost

Is this home worth it?

I am looking at buying a cheap house that needs some major upgrades, including raising the ceiling. I would like to make it a cathedral ceiling. The roof looks like it is sagging and would need to be redone anyway. Is it worth buying a house under 100,000 if it needs these big remodels? Any ideas of what I could expect to pay? Thanks.


What's the average cost to build a tunnel?

If I were to build a tunnel made primarily out of wood that is about 7 feet tall and 8 feet long and 4-5 feet wide, how much would it cost?


How much would it cost to remove concrete from drains?

We were thinking of buying a foreclosed home, but we think the previous owner may have poured concrete in the toilet, tub, and possibly the water main. The home also has a concrete slab. How much could it cost to repair?


What would it cost to install a dishwasher?

We are moving into a new rental and are unsure if we should install a dishwasher in an empty space across from the sink or get a portable one. What would we be getting into work- and cost-wise installing a dishwasher?


How much should my warehouse building cost?

I'm going to be starting a new business that will involve the construction of a 100-by-140-by-30-foot warehouse-type building. I was wondering what an estimated construction cost for such a building might run?

- Travis

What's the average cost for vinyl flooring?

What is the average cost to have vinyl flooring purchased and installed? We received a quote of $2,300 for 451.07 sq. ft., but that does not include pulling up the existing flooring and putting down plywood. Is this a fair price?

What's the cost for moving a septic tank?

How much would it cost to have a septic tank moved?

How much would it cost to raise the ceiling in an attic?

The house was a two bed/1 bath home with an attic. The attic has been turned into a living area with 2 bedrooms and bath room added. I'd like to lift the ceilings to a normal height. Is there a solution?

Tony - DFW, TX

How do HGTV contractors get so much for so little?

I like watching Property Brothers and Love it or List it, but how do these contractors stretch their budget so far? I will be moving to Colorado before December but all of the houses in my budget need work. How can I get the most for my money as far as material goes??


What does it cost to build a house on undeveloped land?

I am considering building a home in canton Georgia. 1500 square foot or so not high end not low end but say the upper end if middle of the road. The property I am looking at has only a barn but there is underground electrical service to it. No water. The likely building site is several hundred feet from the public road. I'm struggling with getting a solid handle on what it would really cost to essentially build this home with all the stuff that makes a house livable: gas, water, phone, septic etc. It would be no good to have a great piece of land and a half finished house because building cost went over budget. Thoughts?

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