Remodeling a Bathroom With Poor Water Pressure

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I want to have the bath remodeled on our ranch house in Santa Monica. The water pressure is already too weak to handle the existing shower and bath if water is running elsewhere. Are we going to have to re-do the plumbing entirely as part of the remodeling?

Henry W. ~ Santa Monica, California

Brendan Fowler

Remodeling a Bathroom With Poor Water PressureIt is very possible that water supply lines in your home are the cause of your water pressure drop. If the pipes are too small they will restrict water flow, resulting in a pressure drop. If you are on municipal water, you will generally have plenty of volume and pressure to run multiple fixtures.

If you are on a well, there are likely to be other reasons for water pressure to be poor. There are water supply line standards that are set forth by the Universal Plumbing Code (UPC). A plumber should be able to look at your existing plumbing and determine if your home has been plumbed in accordance with these codes.

If everything looks good from the outside and the water pressure is still poor, than you will have to start trouble shooting the entire system. A good place to start is at your water meter.

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