Remodeling a bathroom

Answered by Brendan ~ March 6, 2012 ~ Comments

I am in the middle of remodeling my entire bathroom and have removed everything right down to the bare studs and plywood subfloor. What is the correct order for installing new floors, tile walls, new shower/tub unit, fixtures, etc? Thanks in advance

James ~ Oakville, Ontario

Brendan Fowler


Here is the order you will want to proceed with your new bathroom. First get all the new plumbing and electrical into the walls. This is the time to add new outlets, vent fan, recessed cans, change shower head height, move vents and drains, install tub, and change out the shower/tub valve if you want to. Nail stop everything. It is now time to insulate if needed. Now you will want to hang, tape, skim and texture sheetrock. If it is getting painted prime all the walls. Now install vanity and shower/tub surround. Install countertop, backsplash, sink, faucet, and drain. Install flooring and window and door casings. Now paint. Next, set toilet, shower/tub trim and door, electrical trim and you are finished! Good Luck!

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