How can I refurbish wood countertop trim?

Answered by Jeffrey Anderson ~ September 21, 2012 ~ No Comments

I have granite tile countertops with wood trim…...the wood trim is looking worn and I am wanting to refurbish it. Can you tell me how to do this?

Jeffrey Anderson

When you mention wood trim on your granite tile countertops, I assume you're referring to the edging at the front and exposed sides of the tops. Refinishing this trim is very similar to any other wood trim in your home such as baseboard or window casing except for one major difference: moisture protection.

Your countertop trim is more than likely going to be subjected to spills during meal preparation and needs a finish that provides protection for the wood. It's also a good idea that the finish be very durable as the trim can take a beating from the cooks in your family constantly rubbing against its surface.

Sand down the trim using a sanding pad or an orbital sander with a fine grit paper just as you would any piece of wood being refinished. Take care when doing the top of the trim that you don't drift over onto the granite tiles. Even fine grit sandpaper can leave marks on the surface of countertop granite that may be visible in certain light.

Once the old finish has been removed, apply any new stain you plan to use and then I recommend several coats of a marine spar type urethane. These protective finishes are designed to be used in high moisture areas such as the boat exteriors so kitchen spills shouldn't be a problem. It's also a very thick finish which can make it very durable.

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