Recycled Leather Flooring and Humidity

Answered by Brett ~ April 7, 2010 ~ Comments

I have fallen in love with recycled leather flooring and want to install it throughout my Dallas home. Is this recommended or not given the region's humidity? Will the moisture damage it?

Mike W. ~ Dallas, Texas

Brett Kulina

I would caution you to not use leather tiles on the floor of your home. While they are beautiful and pleasurable to touch (and smell), there are just too many potential problems associated with their use as flooring. Although some manufacturers of recycled leather flooring tiles claim that they can be safely used in wet locations, I would be fearful of damage from humidity and moisture. Another potential drawback is that leather fades easily, so you will have off-color areas on your floor where furniture and rugs create shaded spots. The soft leather tiles will also mark and distort where heavy furniture sits on it.

I find the best use of recycled leather tiles is as a wall covering in a powder room or study. In these areas, there is less chance of moisture damage and the tiles become a special accent to your home's interior.

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