Recreation Room Flooring Choice for Basement Remodeling

Answered by Brett ~ October 10, 2010 ~ No Comments

Our home in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, has a large, open basement that we want to remodel into a recreation room for our kids. It has a cement floor, but the finish isn't real smooth. Our kids love to roller blade. What are the relative costs of smoothing the cement floor versus installing some other tough floor for our basement remodeling?

Sage U. ~ Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Brett Kulina

Sage, if you really want your kids to roller blade in the basement, then the best option would be to hire a contractor to grind, polish, and seal the cement floor. This would give your basement floor a very smooth and durable finish, and I'm sure your kids would love it! While I've never seen anyone do this in their house, I know it is very common in automotive service areas and garages where heavy floor jacks need to be moved easily. This is a project that is probably better left to the professionals, because the specialized grinding and polishing equipment is very expensive and not always available at general equipment rental centers. I suggest that you consult a concrete finisher who works in the Eau Claire area and ask them to inspect your basement and estimate a cost for creating the new floor. Good luck with your project!

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