Questions to Ask a Kitchen Remodeler

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A question was ask on this site about questions to ask a contractor. I am looking to remodel my kitchen. Are there any specific questions about a kitchen job that I want to ask a kitchen remodeler?

Launa ~ San Francisco, California

Brendan Fowler

If you are wondering what questions to ask a kitchen remodeler, than you must figure out what you want to know about your kitchen. I would stay away from questions like, "how much will it cost to remodel my kitchen?" This questions is way to vague, there are about a 1000 ways to remodel a kitchen and each way will have a different cost associated with it.

Try to ask questions that are focused and specific. These types of questions will render answers that will typically be more useful. Questions like, "what are the advantages and disadvantages of marble countertops?"

Remember, it is almost impossible for a kitchen remodeler to give hard cost numbers based on a vague discussion of what you are thinking. If it is budget info that you are most interested in than I would suggest developing a comprehensive and very detailed kitchen remodel plan to show the contractor for them to base some budget numbers on.

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