How can I prevent water coming in under the carport walls?

Answered by Brett Kulina ~ December 26, 2012 ~ No Comments

I have enclosed a carport. The bottom plate of the walls I erected are anchored to a previously existing concrete slab. Water is coming under the bottom plate. Any ideas on how I can prevent this?!

- Scott S.

Brett Kulina

Scott, installing a bead of silicone under the bottom of the wall before erecting and attaching it to the existing concrete foundation is the best preventative. However, that is not possible now that the framed walls are in place (and not easily moved.)

A next best option for you may be to seal the seam between the bottom wall plate and the concrete slab, on the exterior side of the wall. There are several exterior-grade sealants that bond well with both wood and concrete and might prevent water from infiltrating under your wall. Creating a durable seal on such an exposed seam is going to require a careful caulking job on a clean and dry surface.

You can also help the situation by installing gutters that direct rain water away from the sides of the carport. In addition, make sure that the finished grade around the carport is sloping away from the foundation so that snow melt does not pool next to the walls.

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