How Do I Prevent Roof Run Off from Getting into my Basement?

Answered by Brendan ~ August 19, 2011 ~ No Comments

I get water in my basement when my neighbor's gutter system overflows. While, as a last resort, I think I could sue the neighbor and get them to remedy the situation, I think that my problem would go away if I had a way to channel the roof run off.

Bob M. ~ Milwaukee, WI

Brendan Fowler

I think you are right about using a lawsuit as a last resort to remedy the situation. You want to keep water out of your basement that is the real issue here. Unfortunately, properly working gutters with drains to channel the water away from the house are the best remedy, but the gutter system next door is failing. Depending on how much room you have you can grade around your house, to prevent water from running towards it. This can be an issue if you have lots of established landscaping. You could install a perimeter drain that picks up the surface runoff and drains it away from your house. A perimeter drain can be as simple as a small ditch that picks up the water and channels it away or a French drain to remove the water. No matter what you do, you will have to assume that the gutters next door are going to continue to fail and create a problem for you. The best remedy is the one you have total control over. Good luck!

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