Questions About Painting

Should kitchens be painted in flat or high gloss paint?

My husband and I are having a debate about what kind of paint to use in our Texas kitchen. He says that painting the kitchen walls in a flat or eggshell paint will look the best. I disagree. It may look good, but its not practical. I believe that kitchens should always be painted in a semi or high gloss for easy clean up of grease and fingerprints. We need an expert's opinion--please help!

How do we prepare old cabinets for re-painting?

We have an 1932 Maryland home with solid wood cabinets in the kitchen. We don't want to get rid of the cabinets because they are in good shape, but the white paint is peeling and chipping. How can we go about preparing the cabinets for a new coat of paint? Do we need to strip the paint down to the wood first before painting?

What is "double knockdown" finish?

I have removed my popcorn ceiling finish am about to apply knockdown finish to my ceilings, which I know how to do. I have heard that the newer homes in this area have a "double knockdown" finish. Exactly what is this, and how is it applied ?

How to Patch and Paint Drywall

My son busted the drywall in our kitchen here in York. It was an accident, but it left a deep gouge and cracks. I need a contractor's advice to patch and paint it.

Proper Finish for Wood Flooring

I'm looking at refinishing the floors in our Provo home. The range of available finishes is mind-boggling. Is oil-modified urethane the best finish?

Painting or Staining Concrete for a Garage Floor?

I want to give my garage floor a new look and I'm considering either painting or staining the concrete. What are the benefits of each method? I'm in California, so it doesn't get too warm or cold.

When to Start a House Painting Project

I need to repaint the exterior of my home, but I'm worried about how the humidity of a New Orleans summer might affect the painting work. Should I be worried?

How to Tell if Painting or Siding is Best

I live in a hot, dry climate, and my home's exterior paint fades and flakes. Would painting with a different kind of paint help, or would vinyl siding be a better solution?

Is pine O.K. to use to replace the fascia boards on a house?

I hired a carpenter to replace all the rotten wood on my house before having it painted. The painter told me the carpenter used pine to replace the fascia boards. He told me pine is not ideal to use on the exterior of a house...it is too soft. I told the carpenter I wanted him to use good wood and treated wood where possible. Later when I confronted the carpenter and relayed to him what I was told about pine, he told me there are different qualities of pine and the higher end pine was O.K. to use to replace the fascia. What say you?

How Often Should Exterior House Painting Be Redone in Wisconsin's Cold, Harsh Climate?

Four years ago we bought an older home in Green Bay, WI, with wood clapboard siding. How often should the exterior house painting be redone?

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