Questions About Painting

How can I remove wallpaper that has been put up with glue and not water?

How can I remove wallpaper that has been put up with glue and not water? It is vinyl wallpaper. I installed it myself after priming and cleaning the old wall.

Preparing a Previously Wallpapered Wall for Painting

I'm tired of peeling wallpaper in my Tacoma, Washington, kitchen. I've done both painting and wallpapering before, but I'm not sure what steps are needed to prepare the walls for painting once the wallpaper is removed. What tools, products and techniques do I need?

What is the best way to repaint a room gone wrong?

After deciding to add deep color (garnet) to the master bedroom that is 15 x 20 I was okay with the contractor needing two gallons of paint max to do the job. Well after 5 gallons of paint (in addition to white primer) I am not happy and ready to do the job myself. The materials are excellent quality. I need to know how to go about correcting this wrong? Would it be better to try another contractor? This one has done good work, has good references, but come to find out not that experienced in dark paints. Thanks.

Are there any upsides to using oil stain versus acrlyic latex stain?

As I talk with painters about re-staining the exterior of my cedar sided home, everyone recommends latex stain... Over the years I always used oil... there must be some advantages to oil over latex?

How do you plaster over a popcorn ceiling?

Can I put another layer of plaster once the ceiling has been primed for painting? I can still see dimples but I don't want the plaster to fall. Will it stick on a ceiling that has primer on it? And how many coates can I put on the ceiling? Thanks

What are my options for painting exterior vinyl siding?

I was thinking of painting my now discolored vinyl siding that has weathered for the last 20 years - as opposed to replacement. There has been no leaks and other than discoloration, the material has no cracks and is still very pliable. One of my friends told me about Moorlife Acrylic Flat Paint N105 as an option which can be tinted color-match.

Repairing Drywall Tape

We have drywall tape peeling off some of the ceilings/walls. What would be entailed when repairing this? I'd like to be prepared so I can be sure that the painter we hire will be doing what needs to be done and not a cover up job, nor creating more disruption to the walls than necessary. Thank you.

Painting Kitchen Floors in Oakland

We're remodeling our Oakland, California, kitchen and want to paint the floor. It's covered with really ugly and scuffed sheet vinyl. Painting is a cheaper alternative than laying a new surface. But there are a few sections that seem to have sunk down. Does it make more sense to take up the entire vinyl to level the floor for painting or just put in a new surface?

Costs for Venetian Plaster Kitchen Painting

Since I saw a Texas showroom house with Venetian Plaster, I've wanted it in my kitchen. Painting is not my hubby's forte, though, and I never worked with plaster. Do you just put it on with a trowel and sandpaper it after it dries? Is there a way to use it on a test surface to see if I'm up to it?

House Paint Is Peeling

Our house paint is peeling off, but only is spots directly hit by the Long Beach sunlight. I can't tell if it's from moisture under the siding--I have shake. I'm sure we need to strip, sand, and doing the painting over. What can I use to patch the surface before priming?

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