Questions About Painting

How much will it cost to paint fiber cement siding?

We bought a fixer-upper one story, 2,200-square-foot house here in Yakima, Wash. It needs exterior painting. Does fiber cement siding absorb a lot of paint? It looks porous. The trim has crackled paint. Painting access is easy. Roughly what should good paint and labor cost if we hire a contractor?

What's the best way to paint interior walls?

I want to paint a few rooms in my house, should I use a roller, brush, or paint sprayer to paint some smooth walls?

Best Paint for Waterfront Boca Raton House

Our 3-year old Boca Raton, Florida, house is very near the water. What's the very best type of paint to use on the stucco exterior, and will we save money by having less frequent repainting needs if we use the best type of paint?

How long do you need to allow for exterior paint to dry?

I have read that the ideal temp is above 50 degrees for both painting and drying.

Painting the Trim on My Home

My one-story 1600 square foot red brick home has white trim. Painting involves eaves, eight windows with wood shutters, three doors and a single car garage door. I'm afraid of ruining the brick if I do the painting. If it's not too expensive I'll hire a painting contractor. The trim just needs some wire brushing. I need either rough cost ideas or painting tips.

How much would it cost to have the exterior of my house painted?

How much would it cost to have the exterior painted? My house is about 1000 sq foot. And is a one story home.

How can you tell how many coats of paint were put on a wall?

I hired a painter to prime and paint 2 coats throughout an office building. He swears he painted a second coat but there seems to be no difference between what I saw after the first coat and now. How can I tell if he really did put a second coat of paint on the walls?

High Pressure Water for Cleaning Soffits before Painting

I've put off the backbreaking job of painting the soffits of my Springfield, Missouri, split-level home. Now the paint is cracked and there's all sorts of dirt and webs up there. Is it safe to use a high-pressure hose to clean off everything loose so I can minimize the scraping or wire-brushing?

Painting Over Stained Exterior Wood

The Norwich, Rhode Island, home we recently purchased has stained cedar siding which has weathered unevenly. We'd like to paint the exterior a similar color to the stain so it will look more uniform. Can this be done successfully?

Prepping Area Around Window Before Painting

I'm working on repainting a room. I've repaired a few wall areas where the wall was brittle etc. from moisture (house is 60 years old). There's an area alongside the window where I've chipped out some brittleness also. Is there some type of filler or compound I could fill in there? The area would be too tricky to use joint compound.

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