Questions About Painting

What's the best paint for an exterior door in direct sunlight?

Our wood front door faces directly into the sun. We recently re-painted it red using latex based paint and primer. We have since come to understand that this paint can bubble due to heat. I am looking for any and all suggestions so this does not happen again when we strip and re-paint the door short of changing the color - my wife is dead-set on red. Thanks!


Can automotive clear coat be used on residential exterior doors?

I have an exterior door that I want to stain and then put an automotive clear coat on. Is that possible? Not many clear coats hold up, but this is the process the client is requesting.

Lee C. -- Naples, Fl.

Can I put satin polyurethane finish over glossy?

I used a glossy polyurethane to finish some interior wood paneling, which I now think is way too shiny. If I put a coat of satin finish polyurethane over the glossy, will that fix the problem?

What kind of contractor remodels the home's exterior?

I'm looking for a contractor to give my house a facelift. New siding or some sort of way to waterproof the exterior. New paint and redo the roof.

Kevin - Daly City, Calif.

What home renovations will most increase the overall value of my house?

I want to spend some money to update my pre-war co-op apartment, but am unsure which remodeling projects make the most sense for my budget. Should I go for looks (new floors, fresh paint) or worry more about functional items like updated appliances, new fixtures, modern furnace? Thank you.

What is the average cost for painting an exterior deck?

My 600 sq.ft. deck needs to be refinished. It is painted wood and in pretty rough shape. If I hire someone to do the work, how much do you think this will cost?

How do I get rid of the paint smell in my kitchen cupboards?

Recently I moved into a freshly painted apartment. The kitchen cupboards were painted with oil base paint. All my dishes, glasses and food in the cupboards smell and taste like paint. What can I use to remove this smell? I'm pregnant and afraid of getting sick from this. Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

What should I use to finish and protect a wood kitchen table?

We bought a new wood table for our kitchen, which will get a lot of use. It is just raw wood so I want to protect it with something, but I don't want to paint it. What do you suggest?

Options for finishing interior walls

We are getting close to finishing a large home addition. The walls and ceiling are sheet rock, but we would like to have some sort of finish that is different than the standard orange peel texture. Any ideas on a good looking sheet rock finish?

What's the typical cost of drywall installation?

We are remodeling our basement, adding 2 BR's and 1BA. We are going to complete all the work ourselves, except for the drywall and paint. Could you give me a ball park estimate on what a drywaller and painter might cost to do these parts of the project? There is probably 1500 sqft of wall coverage. Thanks

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