Paint Failing in the Kitchen

Answered by Brett ~ May 14, 2010 ~ Comments

I had the kitchen included in an interior paint job last year. It's way too soon to see paint chipping and flaking and the original painter has left the area. Fortunately, the flaking is limited to one wall. Do I scrape, prep, and repaint the entire kitchen again, or is there a way to match up colors and repair the one wall?

Laura S. ~ Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Brett Kulina

If you know the exact type of paint that was used (brand, type, sheen,etc) then you should not have to repaint your entire kitchen, but rather just paint the one wall. My only concern is why the interior paint is peeling and flaking in the first place? Also, if the paint on one wall is peeling and flaking, is this going to eventually happen to the other interior walls?

Perhaps the original painting contractor did not properly prep the walls before painting them, or maybe he applied an oil based paint over a previous coat of latex paint, which would explain the peeling and flaking. I suggest that you consult a painting contractor who works in the Milwaukee area and try to determine why the paint is failing after only one year. If you can solve the underlying problem, then you can avoid repainting each wall separately as problems arise.

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